3-wavelength white LED with high Color Saturation and Color Rendering – Patented

1.R.G.B. Phosphors excited by UV (380-400nm) Diode–(USP 5962971,Taiwan 157331)

2.R.G.B. Phosphors excited by Violet (400-430nm) Diode – (USP pending 11/138,092; Japan 2003-224306;Taiwan 1225313;China ZL 021020076.0;Korea 702297)
3.R.G Phosphors excited by Blue (430-470nm) Diode – (USP pending /138,091;Japan patent pending 2003-87809;Taiwan 191805;China ZL 02124450.2 Korea687374)
Mini Led
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The IR LED /IR LD ; PD/PTR for sensors/security
Taiwan Patent Invention No.  199187
The Smart LED Lighting— Patented

2.Taiwan 170236
The Chip Scale Package White LED with Phosphor on Die(POD)
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