About Us
  • Development along the wall sensor module for sweeping robots.
  • Development and production of Three-Junction Hi-Power DOE VCSEL products
  • Developed 940nm wavelength LED, certified by Microsoft Corporation, licensed for use on any computer with Windows software.
  • Develop ASIC IC + RGB LED for gaming keyboard
  • Development of Edge-Emitting Laser packages
  • IR LED obtained from Lenovo, ASUS for face recognition module used in laptops
  • IR LED was certified by Microsoft as a face recognition module for laptops
  • Developed Edge-Emitting Laser packaged High-Power infrared/IR products that have been certified and adopted by major international manufacturers
  • Development of High-Power VCSEL products
  • High-Power IR/infrared products have been certified and adopted by major international manufacturers
  • Solidlite’s Plant Growth Light has obtained patents in Japan/Taiwan/China and other countries
  • Successfully developed Package Free White Light LED and expected to enter mass production in 2015
  • Turn-Key Transfer--Plant Growth Factory
  • Started VCSEL, IR/Infrared (850nm) LED mass production
  • Enlisted Agricultural Technology Experts to enter the field of Agricultural Technology, successfully developed a Plant Growth Factory with LED Plant Growth Light, and applied for several patents
  • Successfully developed LED Plant Growth Light, also applied for patents in many countries, and received high praise from international research institutions such as Tokyo/Chiba University in Japan
  • Successfully developed Optical Module Lighting products, completed the integration of LED light panels, optical components and power components, and obtained a large number of purchases from World-Class Brand Customers
  • “Three-Wavelength White Light Patented” products successfully entered the indoor lighting market, also used by international customers in large quantities. “High Color Rendering (CRI) White Light” products successfully entered the Japanese market
  • Started mass production the Light Source Module for multi-function copy machine. And provide to Japanese MFP factory
  • • "Three-Wavelength White LED" obtained a Korean patent.
  • Patend- "Three-Wavelength White LED" has been verified by a major Japanese MFP manufacturer for one and a half years. It has passed the verification and obtained long-term contracts exclusively for scanner light bars of its various color multifunction printers.
  • The patented "Three-Wavelength White LED" with High Color Saturation (NTSC) as the backlight of LCD
  • The patented "Three-Wavelength White LED" with high color rendering (CRI) Lighting Lamps for special purposes and light strips for copy machine, scanners
  • The patented "Three-Wavelength White Light LED" with a high heat dissipation package structure is used for High Power products.
  • (Back Light Unit) LEDs passed the verification of [Powertip Tech] and obtained a long-term contract.
  • "Three-Wavelength White LED" obtained a China patent in 2005
  • In October 2004, "Manufacturing method of Three-Wavelength White Light LED" won the Silver Medal of Invention Award of "2004 National Invention and Creation Award" by the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
  • LEDs for mobile phone keyboards have passed the verification of [Premier Technology], [Compal Communications], [ASUS]...etc. and obtained long-term contracts
  • Obtained ISO-9001 certification in February 2003
  • Mass Production of Key-Pad LED for mobile phone
  • LED for mobile phone keyboard passed the verification of [Chi Mei Optoelectronics] and obtained a long-term contract
  • "Three-Wavelength White LED" obtained a Taiwan patent in November 2003
  • Establishment of the LED factory and completed the production line
  • Obtained 10 patents
  • Solidlite was established in Hsinchu County, Taiwan in May 2001
  • Committed to the research and development of LED component and LED patent application