About Us

SolidLite Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement:

1. Comply with relevant government laws and international regulations.

2. Attach importance to corporate governance, operate with integrity, and neither accept nor offer bribery or 

   corruption behavior.

3. Comply with the principle of good faith, fair trade, and do not carry out exaggerated and false advertising.

4. Provide employees with a safe, clean, and healthy working environment in compliance with laws and regulations.

5. Comply with international labor rights, laws, and regulations. Do not employ persons under the age of 15 and 

   involuntary employees (including forced, hold in pledge, foreclosure, contract bondage, slavery and human trafficking).

6. Comply with laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

7. Harassment, unlawful discrimination, coercion, and inhumane treatment of employees (including potential employees)
   are prohibited.

8. Pay attention to environmental protection and ecology, and do not use internationally banned substances in the production 

   process. Comply with environmental policies and regulations

9. Respect and protect intellectual property rights. Continue to require suppliers to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

    And attach importance to corporate social responsibility
10. Do not use "conflict minerals" (the mineral source of "exploitation of labor" country) and require suppliers to do the same.